About Interfluid

Interfluid's history begins in 1979 and now it goes on with the second generation

Interfluid: your fluid mate

We offer dedicated support for the optimization of the production processes, with special care for efficiency, safety and sustainability.

We are an international system integrator for all the automation processes for hydraulic, pneumatic and high pressure industries.

We love getting better every day. We believe loyalty is the only way to build strong relationships and the evidence of it lies in the quality of our products and services, that has been acknowledged by customers and partners we represent on the market.

We guide you, with respect and fairness in the choice and customization of the best performing products for your company, and we guarantee quick and reliable deliveries. We aim at being an international reference point in the supply of products and B2B consultancy, by means of qualified assistance and timely service all over the world.

Our goal is to build what does not exist, in order to bring technological innovation to companies of any dimension, by offering them a complete offer of fully customized solutions able to integrate hydraulic, pneumatic and high pressure technologies.

We value the wellbeing of our team, with whom we develop an attentive, honest and authentic relationship, because a stimulating environment is the only way to improve the quality of the results.

Our technologies

Division Hydraulics

  • Open circuit hydraulic pumps for industrial applications.
  • Proportional technology, both analogic and digital.
  • Servo pumps systems controlled by inverter.
  • Inverter-driven hydraulic power units.
  • Repair of proportional valves with certified testing.

Division High Pressure

  • High pressure components such as pumps for water or oil, gas boosters, valves, tubing and connectors up to and over 5000 bars.
  • Consultancy, dimensioning and manufacturing of power units and testing units with water, oil, air and gas.

Divisione Pneumatics

  • Pneumatic components such as cylinders, valves, FRLs, fittings and accessories.
  • Manufacturing of pneumatic panels.
  • Vacuum components.
  • Lubrication pumps.

Interfluid srl

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