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Atos hydraulic valvesAvailable for immediate delivery. Daily shipments to over 80 countries

Atos hydraulic valves



  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Plastic Presses
  • Bending Presses
  • Wind Energy
  • Die Casting
  • Metal Processing Plants

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Official distributors and Atos Service Center
Official distributors and Atos Service Center
12 months warranty
12 months warranty


Mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic actuation directional valves, DH and DK series.

The DHE series solenoid valves are spool-type, direct-acting valves, size 06, three or four ways, two or three positions, designed to operate in hydraulic systems. They can achieve flow rates of up to 80 l/min and pressures up to 350 bar.

The DKE solenoid valves are direct-acting valves, ISO 4401 size 10.

On the other hand, the DLEH and DLEHM series identify the spool-type, direct-acting solenoid valves, size 06, two or three ways, two positions, designed to operate in hydraulic circuits where leak-free sealing is required.

The DPHE solenoid valves (replacing the old DPHI, DPHU, and DPHO series) are two-stage, pilot-operated, ISO 4401 and can be sized 10, 16, 25, and 32.

Interfluid's highly specialized technicians provide continuous assistance in pre- and post-sales, liaising with the customer for component selection, developing customized solutions, and providing installation support.

Our know-how is constantly updated thanks to the close collaboration with Atos' Research and Development department.



  • Available in sizes 06, 10, 16, 25, 32
  • Safety valves with proximity sensor
  • Designs with reduced leakage
  • Direct and pilot operated versions
  • Pressures up to 420 bar

Interfluid is a highly specialized partner in Atos proportional valve technology, both in analog and digital versions. We specialize particularly in proportional directional control valves, proportional pressure limiting valves, proportional pressure reducing valves, and proportional flow control valves.

Our technicians provide qualified technical support for comparing with competing brands, assembling alternative solutions for immediate delivery, or sizing based on your application.

Axis and P/Q Control Applications

Our technical department will provide specialized support in analyzing all the necessary requirements for sizing and commissioning axis and P/Q controls. This includes selecting the required drivers and software and supplying them to you.

  • Axis Control
  • Force Control
  • Pressure control


  • Digital performance at analog prices
  • Operation in open/closed
  • Loop wide range of Fieldbus
  • Interfaces P/Q control functions TÜV
    certified safety functions
  • Also available in explosion-proof version
  • Pressures up to 420 bar

Atos hydraulic pressure control valves are used to limit or reduce pressure in a hydraulic circuit. Atos hydraulic flow control valves are used to regulate the flow within the circuit. Interfluid stocks all types of modular Atos hydraulic valves:

  • high pressure valves series HMP, HM, KM
  • reducing valves series HG, KG, JPG
  • flow control valves HQ, KQ, and JPQ
  • modular, direct, or pilot-operated check valves series HR, KR, and JPR
  • pressure compensating valves series HC, KC
  • quick-slow control valves series DHQ

And Atos hydraulic valves available in versions for mounting on plates, threaded, or flanged.

  • Pressure control valves: screw-in mount valves, in-line valves, plate-mounted valves, and flanged valves series SP-CART – ARE – ARAM – AGAM
  • Pressure reduction and isolation valves series AGIR, AGIS, AGIU
  • Flow control valves: in-line mount and plate mount valves, compensated QV, AQFR
  • Check valves ADR – ADRL – AGRL / AGRLE
  • Pressure switches series MAP


  • Modular valves available in sizes 06, 10, 16, 25
  • Pressures up to 350 bar

Alternative to:

  • Rexroth, Vickers, Duplomatic e Parker

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DHE ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DKE ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DLEH, DLEHM ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DPHE ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
Series Average stock Discover online availability
AGMZO ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DHZE-DKZE ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DHZO-DKZOR ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DLHZO-DLKZOR ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DPZO ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
QVHZO ✅ Usually available ⌛ Soon online
RZGO ✅ Usually available ⌛ Soon online
RZMO ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
Series Average stock Discover online availability
HMP, HM, KM ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
HS, KS ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
HG, KG, JPG ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
HC, KC, JPC ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
HQ, KQ, JPQ ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
DHQ, DKQ ✅ Usually available ⌛ Soon online
HR, KR, JPR ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
MAP ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori


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Atos Service Center

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Wide range of products

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Specialized technical support

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