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Shock absorbersto absorb medium and heavy loads

Shock absorbers

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12 months warranty
12 months warranty


The Enidine adjustable shock absorbers flexibly meet your energy absorption needs when your calculation parameters may vary or are not clearly defined. By simply rotating an adjustment knob, you can vary the damping force, to accommodate multiple usage conditions. Enidine offers the widest range of decelerators for mounting available on the market today.

The small ECO OEM series includes the widest range of small-sized adjustable industrial shock absorbers. These are fully adjustable decelerators specifically designed for damping light to medium loads. Their compact size fits limited space requirements. The low-speed models, LROEM series, are capable of controlling minimum speeds of 0.08 m/s and thrust forces up to 2000 N.

The large OEMXT series is available with metric threads and bore sizes from 20 mm to 50 mm. These models are designed to dampen medium and heavy loads. The low-impact speed models, LROEM series, can accept minimum speeds of 0.08 m/s with thrust forces up to 17760 N.

These non-adjustable Enidine shock absorbers are able to adapt to energy variations. This family of decelerators offers consistent performance, cycle after cycle. Models are available that can absorb the maximum amount of energy relative to their compact size. Others are ideal for soft stops at high impact speeds.

The ECO series includes progressive damping decelerators with a multi-orifice design, allowing for softer stopping with medium and high impact speeds and fragile loads. The models adapt to a wide range of operational conditions.

This series of heavy shock absorbers (HD/HDA) for heavy-duty applications protects equipment from damage in automated warehouses and on stacker cranes, as well as on gantry cranes and crane carts. They are available in a wide range of strokes and damping characteristics to increase plant life and meet the most restrictive deceleration needs.

The ENIDINE STH series has high energy absorption capacities relative to size. Custom decelerators are designed to meet specific application requirements. The STH series decelerators have a fully threaded cylinder body, ensuring flexibility in mounting.

Built with custom oil passages for a specific deceleration need, the computer simulation of the application allows the optimization of the orifice configuration. Available as standard with bores up to 150 mm and strokes up to 1,525 mm.

Adjustable units allow the user to vary the decelerator's resistance to accept load speed variations, with strokes up to 305 mm. Standard adjustable configurations are available. On request, HD and HDA models can be provided with special bores and strokes.

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