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Vane pumps

Thanks to their ability to operate with very low flow pulsations, these pumps can work with constant flow rates and ensure low noise levels even at high speeds.

Low flow pulsations, very low noise levels, a wide range of speeds and viscosities, are indeed the main characteristics to consider when choosing this type of pump.


Depending on their construction, these pumps are used for applications where medium pressure (200-250 bar) is required, as efficiency decreases with higher pressures.

They are primarily used in hydraulic power units, die-casting machines, punching machines and sheet metal processing machines.


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Brand Series Working pressure (bar) Link
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These are a type of hydraulic pumps that operate at low and medium pressures.

They are characterized by extreme quietness, long product life, and high efficiency, with a significant advantage in terms of energy savings.

They are used in hydraulic power units, machine tools, transfers, and rolling mills.


Our products

Brand Series Working pressure (bar) Link
logo_berarma PLP - PHP - PHPK 250 Read more
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