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Helical gear pumps ElikaHigh efficiency with reduced noise and pulsations

Helical gear pumps Elika Marzocchi



  • Luxury yacht sector
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Forklifts
  • Waste collection vehicles
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Servo systems
Official Marzocchi Pompe distributors
Official Marzocchi Pompe distributors
12 months warranty
12 months warranty


Interfluid, leveraging its profound knowledge of helical gear pump technology, recognizes and promotes Marzocchi's Elika series as a benchmark in the industry. We have the capability to identify conditions where these pumps are the optimal choice, maximizing performance and efficiency.

Marzocchi's Elika series is a range of low-noise helical gear pumps. Their unique tooth profile without encapsulation significantly reduces both pressure fluctuations and vibrations, ensuring minimal interference with other connected components such as valves, tanks, and hoses. These features make Elika pumps particularly suitable for work environments where minimizing acoustic impact is crucial.

But Elika's excellence doesn't stop here. Compared to other volumetric pumps in the market, Elika offers incredible versatility in terms of speed, pressures, and permissible viscosity ranges. Their unique construction reduces internal leakages, optimizing volumetric efficiency in any situation. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated axial compensation system, they impeccably handle axial forces resulting from the helical teeth, making them ideal for applications with low speeds and high pressures.

With Interfluid by your side, you can be assured of choosing solutions that best suit your needs, making the most of our expertise in helical gear pump technology. 


  • Single-direction configuration, with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • Displacement ranging from 7 to 200 cc/rev
  • Maximum pressure of 300 bar
  • Ideal for applications with inverters or variable speed drives
  • Reduced noise emissions up to 15 dBA


  • Continuous movement ensured by the helical tooth profile
  • Low noise and pulsations
  • Volumetric efficiency in all conditions 
  • Lower cost compared to internal gear pumps
  • Optimal operation with very low speed and high pressures

Alternative to

  • Marzocchi ALP2 e GHP2, ALP3 and GHP3 series

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