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Lubrication systemsfor the longevity of your machinery and optimized production

Lubrication systems

Pneumatics, Vacuum, and Lubrication


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Industrial sector
  • Mining industry
  • Food industry
  • Wind energy
  • Printing industry
Official ILC distributors
Official ILC distributors
12 months warranty
12 months warranty
Available UL and ATEX (motors and levels) certification
Available UL and ATEX (motors and levels) certification


The installation of ILC lubrication systems is simple and cost-effective, offering countless benefits to the plant.

Whether it's a manual, pneumatic, or motorized control model, these systems ensure proper, regular and controlled lubrication, even in hard-to-reach points.

Machine wear is delayed, and breakdowns are minimized, resulting in optimized production in terms of performance and cost containment.


These systems are capable of dispensing a predetermined amount of oil or grease for each lubrication point.

Thanks to the volimetric dispensers (flow rate from 15 to 1000 mm³/cycle) and air/oil dispensers (flow rate from 10 e 160 mm³/cycle), the distribution is controlled regardless of the temperature and viscosity of the lubricant used.

Both electric and pneumatic units are available: in both cases, a flow rate of up to 500 cc/min is guaranteed.

They are the most reliable systems for distributing oils and greases to the highest friction points of the machines.

Progressive distributors can have from 3 to 20 outlets and ensure the right amount of lubricant at all points.

Lubrication is easily controllable by installing a sensor on the dispensers, ensuring the completion of each cycle.

Also known as Lubetool micro-lubrication groups, these systems primarily use emulsions and coolant liquids to lubricate the tool and are designed to be used specifically in metalworking.

Using compressed air and a pneumatic pump, the lubricant travels through two coaxial tubes until it reaches the nozzle, where it is atomized. The thin lubricant coating generated by air/oil atomization ensures perfect lubrication while reducing the heat generated by friction.

They operate at low pressure with flow rates up to 200 cc/min and are considered the simplest and most economical systems. They are typically installed on small to medium-sized machines.

The metering valves release small quantities of oil, with a flow rate proportional to the pressure and viscosity of the lubricant.


  • Minimized maintenance time and frequency
  • Reduced machine downtime and less frequent breakdowns
  • Optimization of production
  • Extended component longevity
  • Automated control of lubricant (frequency, direction, quantity)
  • Reduced environmental impact

Alternative to:

  • Dropsa and SKF

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