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Unit for pressure testing with liquidsIdeal for hydrostatic tests with water and oil up to 72.500 psi (5000 bar), including a portable version

Unit for pressure testing with liquids



  • Hydrostatic pressure testing at high pressures
  • Component leakage testing and pressure testing
  • Instrument calibration

  • High-pressure flushing units
  • Control panels/wellhead emergency shutdown

Official HIP distributors
Official HIP distributors
12 months warranty
12 months warranty
Pumps with CE and ATEX certification
Pumps with CE and ATEX certification


Interfluid designs and makes a wide range of air driven power units ready for use, the maximum achievable pressure is 72.500 psi (5000 bar) with 150 psi of compressed air.

The main fluids usable are water and oil. These units are completed with required controls and instrumentation needed to manage the pressure and flow downstream of the liquid pump.They are ideal for any application where portability is required, building a portable unit for liquid with HIP T-series pumps.

Standard options:     

  • Data acquisition
  • Tank 
  • Chart recorder    



  • Maximum operating pressure: 72.500 psi (5000 bar)
  • Open frame made of stainless steel
  • Also available in AISI version to ensure corrosion resistance, even in offshore environments
  • Compressed air regulation, filtration, and lubrication unit
  • Maximum allowable compressed air pressure:  10 bar
  • Drive air safety relief valve
  • 12 liters liquid tank
  • Liquid filter to the pump
  • Pressure relief valve with return to the tank
  • Pressure gauge diam. 100 mm, scale based up to 87.000 psi
  • Outlet liquid connection based on pressure downstream


  • Compatible with all hydraulic fluids: water, distilled water, solvents, oil, liquefied gas, and non-strong chemical agents
  • Hydraulic pressure is maintained without any energy consumption
  • Automatic restart in case of pressure drop downstream
  • Stall pressure adjustable
  • Ideal for START/STOP applications under load
  • No need for an electrical connection
  • Intrinsically safe. Compy even with hazardous environments
  • Compact, lightweight, robust, and weather proof
  • Maximum portability thanks to its reduced weight (valid for portable units)


  • Hydrostatic testing at high pressures for pipelines, conduits, valves, cylinders and tanks
  • Component leak testing and pressure tests
  • High-pressure flushing units
  • Control panels/emergency shut-off "wellhead" control
  • Control/action of valve actuators
  • Power units for tensioners
  • Packers inflation
  • Accumulators charging
  • Press overload circuit
  • Blocking cylinder actuation
  • Burst test benches
  • Test valve gaskets
  • Testing with Skydrol

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