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Pressure reducing regulators and back pressure regulators Perfectly interchangeable with Tescom pressure regulators

Pressure reducing regulators and back pressure regulators

High pressure


  • Technical gases, hydrogen and liquids
  • Systems for industrial automation
Official Premier Industries distributors
Official Premier Industries distributors
12 months warranty
12 months warranty


 Interfluid offers a wide range of reducing regulators and back pressure for applications with fluids and gas. 

They are available in standard versions or can be customized for special requests in terms of pressure range, flow, corrosion resistance, port size/ type and alignment, etc.

  • Piston sensed regulators, recommended for high-pressure applications. In these regulators, the piston transmits the force variation to the control element.
  • Diaphragm sensed regulators, recommended for low-pressure applications. In this type, the diaphragm transmits the force variation to the control element, providing extremely high sensitivity to pressure changes. The diaphragm is available in materials such as Viton®, Teflon®, Elgiloy®, Buna-N, Neoprene, Hastelloy®, AISI and others.
  • Back pressure regulators: they function as maximum pressure valves, maintaining pressure control upstream (unlike regulators that maintain pressure control downstream). They are available in manual and pilot-operated versions    


  • Pressure range up to 20.000 psi (1380 bar)
  • Constructed in AISI 316, aluminum, and brass (other materials available upon request)
  • Manual or piloted regulation
  • Single or double stage version
  • Different kinds of connections available (threaded, flanged)
  • Hydrogen use regulators available


  • Extensive range of materials
  • Customization of dimensions, flow rates, and pressure ranges
  • Maximum versatility and compatibility with Tescom

Our added value: extensive across-the-board expertise in the field of high pressure and pneumatics

Many system projects for industry require an accurate control of high pressure values. While manual regulators are available on the market, when it comes to very high pressure levels, it is an arduous task to find a regulator with electronic proportional pressure control.  By exploiting its knowhow in pneumatics and high pressure and by collaborating with its partners, Pneumax and Premier Industries, Interfluid has produced a proportional pressure regulator which combines the two technologies. We have therefore obtained two regulator versions, one for gas and one for liquids, which enable the management of pressure levels up to 1379 bar by means of the proportional control of compressed air (0-7 bar).

The system enables the construction of pressurization and depressurization ramps controlled by PC/PLC.

Our product range also includes regulators for Hydrogen use.

Alternative to:

  • Tescom

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