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High pressure fittings​for leak-free connections up to 100.000 psi (6900 bar) operating pressure

High-pressure fittings and accessories

High pressure


  • Hydrogen and technical gases
  • High-pressure hydrostatic testing on pipelines, conduits, valves, cylinders and tanks
  • Leak testing of components
  • Calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Instrument calibration
  • Flushing hydraulic power units
  • “Well head” control cabinets
  • Control/actuation of valve actuators

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Distributori ufficiali PHP e Nowa Swiss
Official distributors of PHP and Nowa Swiss
Garanzia fino a 12 mesi
Up to 12 months of warranty
Certificazioni 3.1 e NACE su richiesta
3.1 and NACE certifications available upon request


They ensure a leak-free connection and provide a simple and reliable connection system. They do not require sealing rings and can be inserted and removed an unlimited number of times. All fittings, where applicable, come with collars and glands.

For connections of components subjected to costant vibrations, it is recommended to use the anti-vibration assemblies to optimize the reliability and tightness of the high-pressure system.

Adapters also ensure leak-free connections for tubing and components, providing a simple and reliable connection system without the need for sealing rings and without any limit on insertion and removal. Similarly, where applicable, they come complete with collars and glands.

Range of available adapters

  • NPT - Maximum operating pressure: 15.000 psi (1034 bar)
  • MP - Maximum operating pressure: 20.000 psi (1380 bar)
  • HP - Maximum operating pressure: 100.000 psi (6900 bar)


  • Constructed entirely in AISI316 (other materials available)
  • MP and HP models feature liquid drainage holes for easier leakage point verification
  • Compatible with all liquids and gases
  • Maximum working pressure: from 10.000 psi (690 bar) to 101.500 psi (7000 bar)
  • Available connections: NPT, MP & HP from 1/8" up to 1"
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Safe for the operator
  • Easy to use and incorporate
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged, and weather proof


  • Hydrogen and technical gases
  • High-pressure hydrostatic testing on pipelines, conduits, valves, cylinders, and tanks
  • Leak testing of components
  • Calibration of pressure measuring instruments.
  • Instrument calibration
  • High-pressure flow units
  • “Well head” control cabinets.
  • Control/action of valve actuators
  • Valve actuator control/operation
  • Power units for tensioners - tightening wrenches
  • Packers inflation
  • Accumulator charging
  • Actuating hydraulic presses
  • Blocking cylinder actuation
  • Locking cylinder actuation
  • Burst test benches
  • Test valve gaskets
  • Testing with Skydrol

Alternative to:

  • Haskel
  • Maximator
  • BuTech
  • Autoclave

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