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KSPH servo pump Ready-to-use
electro-hydraulic hybrid system for energy saving

Hydraut KSPH servo pump



  • Metalworking
  • Plastic and rubber injection


  • Die-casting machines
  • Hydraulic presses
Official Hydraut distributors
Official Hydraut distributors
24 months warranty
24 months warranty


The ready-to-use electro-hydraulic hybrid system KSPH, Kit Servo Pump by Hydraut, has been designed to meet the energy-saving needs of plants and to reduce system development times. This is made possible by the option to select standardized packages based on pre-selected technical parameters by the user.

The Hydraut KSPH servo pump is configurable by selecting standardized packages consisting of:

  1. Inverter drive
  2. High power density brushless motor
  3. Internal gear pump

The maximum benefits are achieved with machines or systems whose production cycle involves operational breaks that do not require active hydraulic power. The attainable advantage increases as the ratio of idle-active phases increases. When applied to hydraulic presses, it also allows for an expansion of the available range of applications, thanks to the greater flexibility of the hybrid electro-hydraulic servo system and the high low-latency dynamics compared to traditional systems.

Furthermore, the electro-hydraulic hybrid system helps to reduce the environmental impact in terms of energy savings (up to 80%) and the lesser quantity of hydraulic oil to be disposed of due to reduced fluid heating.


  • Electro-hydraulic hybrid system
  • Ready-to-use thanks to the Plug & Play system
  • Standard configuration with inverter, brushless motor, internal gear pump


  • Energy saving
  • Speed of implementation due to the ability to select standardized packages
  • Noise reduction up to 80%


  • Low environmental impact
  • Greater flexibility and high dynamics compared to traditional systems

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