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Electric gas boostersFor lower energy consumption compared to air driven gas boosters

HII electric gas booster

High pressure


  • High pressure gas/pneumatic testing of valves, fittings, tubing, cylinders, tanks etc
  • Leak test with helium
  • Mechanical seals

  • Accumulator charging
  • Airbag testing
  • Tri-mix charging
Official Hydraulics International Inc distributors
Official Hydraulics International Inc distributors
12 months warranty
12 months warranty
Certificazione CE, ATEX su richiesta
CE and ATEX certification available


Depending on the selected size, the electric gas booster can generate up to 15.000 psi (1034 bar) and is compatible with almost all gases, including air, nitrogen, helium, argon, hydrogen, oxygen, natural gas.

Thanks to the equipped gear motor, it maintains a constant flow rate as the pressure increases. The booster is equipped with 2 adjustable micro switches to stop the engine when the desired pressure is reached, or in the event of a lack of gas to be compressed, the gas inlet filter, gas line isolation valve and exhaust valve

The electric gas booster series 2G is designed for filling or topping up high and low-pressure cylinders. Available in a two-stage or double-action version, it stands out for the absence of belts or pulleys, making it the quietest in its category with a noise level of only 60 dBA. An additional advantage is the forced air cooling system, which reduces compression heat and prolongs the life of the seals.

Its innovative design and advanced features make it a unique product in the market, ensuring efficiency, quiet operation and longevity.


  • Max working pressure: 14.500 psi (1000 bar)
  • The pressurization chamber and non-return valves in contact with gas are in AISI316
  • Complete with the separation between the gas and atmosphere section, with the possibility of channelling leaks.
  • Operate with a 2 HP motor (single-phase or three-phase)
  • High-pressure section with cooling
  • Compact size and a weight of 65.9 kg
  • Low noise level (60 dBA)


  • No need for pneumatic power supply
  • Engine power contained to 2 HP
  • Automatic start in the event of a leak downstream
  • Compatibility with almost all types of gases
  • Adjustable stall pressure
  • A large assortment of special modifications are available
  • Easy implementation of automatic controls

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