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External gear pumps

They are pumps with a simpler design compared to other hydraulic pumps. They are used for applications operating at medium/high pressure.

Typical applications include:

  • hydraulic power units
  • mobile equipment and construction
  • metal forming and stamping
  • compactors for static and mobile waste
  • agricultural machinery
  • earthmoving equipment
  • forklift trucks

In external gear pumps, two gears mesh inside a closed housing. When the gears rotate, the fluid fills the space between the gear teeth and is transported from the suction side to the discharge side, passing around the outer circumference of the gears. In the areas where the teeth mesh, the fluid is unable to leak and is therefore pushed towards the outlet.

Thanks to their characteristics, they are commonly used in applications where pressurizing or metering fluids with high precision and very low pressure fluctuations are required.


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