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Atos PVPC variable displacement axial piston pumps also available with P/Q control

Atos Axial piston pumps



  • Hydraulic power units
  • Mobile and construction sector
  • Industrial sector: machine tools, metal forming, and molding
  • Maritime industry
  • Oil field equipment
Official distributors and Atos Service Centers
Official distributors and Atos Service Centers
12 months warranty
12 months warranty
ATEX certifications available upon request
ATEX certifications available upon request


Interfluid, one of the main partners of Atos, is proud to offer a wide range of Atos PVPC series axial piston pumps. Designed for installations in open circuits, they are ideal for applications that require operations at medium and high pressures.

Available types:

  • LQZ: model with a load-sensing system and proportional flow control in an open loop, regulated by an external electronic signal sent to the pilot proportional valve driver.
  • PERS: variant with integrated digital P/Q control in a closed loop, enriched with a sequencing module. It can reduce the minimum pressure at the outlet line to almost zero values.

Thanks to the strong collaboration between Interfluid and Atos, the PVPC series axial piston pumps are an advanced and efficient solution for industrial automation needs.


  • Operating pressure up to 280 bar
  • Peak pressure: 350 bar
  • Available displacements: 29, 46, 73, 90, and 140 cm3/rev
  • Maximum speed up to 3000 rpm
  • Mounting flange and shaft according to SAE J744 to ensure ease of installation and compatibility with a variety of systems
  • Prepared for multiple configurations
  • Complete range of hydraulic controls and electro-hydraulic servo-controls


  • High dynamics, accuracy, and precision of adjustments
  • High power density and maximum efficiency in every application.
  • Excellent reliability at high operating pressures
  • Compact dimensions
  • Customization through software in versions with integrated electronics.

Alternative to:

  • Rexroth series SYDFE, A10V(S)O
  • Duplomatic series VPPM
  • Casappa series LVP
  • Eaton Vicker series PVM, PVQ, PVH

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