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Hydraut fixed displacement vane pumps Established excellence with unmatched quality-price ratio

Hydraut HS-HQ vane pumps



  • Plastic and rubber
  • Injection machines
  • Machine tools
  • Deburring presses
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Die casting machines
  • Earth moving machines
  • Construction equipment
Official Hydraut distributors
Official Hydraut distributors
24 months warranty
24 months warranty


Hydraut, with over 15 years in the market, has built its reputation by specializing exclusively in the production of fixed displacement vane pumps. This focus has allowed them to develop products that offer a high level of quality and cost-effectiveness, ensuring customers receive unmatched value.

Our partnership with Hydraut further underscores our commitment to excellence and ensures that the pumps are readily available for shipment throughout the European market. To provide added confidence to our customers, all Hydraut pumps come with a 24-month warranty.

By choosing Hydraut, you opt for a reliable and versatile product that has earned its reputation as one of the most widely used fixed displacement vane pump models in the world.

Hydraut HS vane pumps have been designed to operate effectively at medium pressure in a wide range of industrial applications. With a remarkable volumetric efficiency of over 90% and noise levels below 62dB, performance is optimized thanks to the rotor equipped with 12 vanes. The cartridge design not only ensures a long lifespan but also makes any necessary repairs extremely straightforward.

The HQ series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile applications operating at medium pressure, such as those found in earth-moving machinery, construction equipment, and cranes. Featuring a 10-vane rotor, this design is optimized to provide the high speeds and pressures required for such operational contexts.

The VH series pumps are often chosen for applications that require small flow rates and medium pressure. These fixed displacement pumps are available both in a single outlet version, in sizes VH10 and VH20, and in a double outlet version, in sizes VH2010 and VH2020.


  • Pressure up to 170 bar (HS and VH) - up to 210 bar (HQ) 
  • Available in single and double versions
  • HS and HQ series: available thru-drive version
  • Suitable for industrial and mobile applications


  • Configurational flexibility: displacement, mounting, and ports
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Reliability and versatility

Alternative to:

  • Vickers V and VQ series, including spare parts (for Hydraut HS and HQ series)
  • Vickers V10-V20 and V2010/V2020 series, including spare parts (for Hydraut VH series)
  • Rexroth PVV and PVQ series
  • Duplomatic DFP and DFDP series
  • B&C BV and BQ series

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VH2010 - VH2020 ✅ Usually available fluid-hub.net_logo_colori
Series Average stock Discover online availability
from HS25T to HS45T ✅ Usually available ⌛ Soon online
from HQ25T to HQ45T ✅ Usually available ⌛ Soon online


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