We support you in the choice of the best performing components and technological solutions to reduce time, costs and energy.


Division Hydraulic

Interfluid offers solutions and assistance for the selection of the most suitable components and systems for the hydraulic industry.

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Division High pressure

The expertise of our technicians is also at your service for the design and production of ready-to-use power units for water and oil and gas.

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Division Pneumatic

We also design and produce pneumatic control panels customized on the needs of our customers.

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We guide you with respect and fairness in the choice and customization of the best performing products for your needs and we grant you quick and reliable deliveries.

Latest news

Your guide to buying hydraulic pumps

How to choose the hydraulic pump with the most suitable technology for each specific application, taking into account flow rate, pressure, cost, efficiency, energy savings, reduced noise emissions and other essential factors.

How to choose an air driven pump

Choosing for the most adequate air driven pump can be extremely profitable. The technology has been tested and improved in time and it guarantees a long lasting solution at a reduced cost.

Why do we need to save energy?

Saving energy is first of all a question of ethics but also a strategic asset. The solutions provided by Interfluid allow to save energy and improve efficiency reducing costs.