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Bucher internal gear pumps QX, QXEH, QXEHX, QXM, QXEM series

Bucher internal gear pumps QXEHX



  • Hydraulic presses
  • Plastics and rubber injection molding machines
  • Machine tools
  • Aluminum die-casting machines
  • Flight simulators and fan drive engines (QXM)
  • Wind energy
  • Forklifts
  • Elevator, lift and winch drive systems
  • Marine auxiliary power


Official Bucher distributors
Official Bucher distributors
12 months warranty
12 months warranty
ATEX certifications available upon request
ATEX certifications available upon request


Internal gear pumps are known for their high volumetric efficiency, which remains consistent even when the pressure varies. This is unlike, for example, vane pumps. They are particularly suitable for servo pump applications due to their versatility, high efficiency, and low noise.

The high efficiency values associated with both radial and axial compensation systems allow for high overall efficiency and a significant reduction in pressure and flow pulsations.

Interfluid, with its well-established experience in the field of internal gear pumps, is proud to offer Bucher's QX series, a prominent product in the mobile and industrial hydraulic markets.

This fifth-generation pump combines a simple design with exceptional compactness and robustness.

Thanks to its unique gear profile created by Bucher, the QX series stands out for its minimal pulsations and significantly reduced noise emissions, achieving values below 75 dB(A). This model is ideal for an open circuit and can handle a maximum working pressure of 400 bar.

It also offers a wide range of displacements, with capacities ranging up to 500 cm3/rev. Its versatility is highlighted by its compatibility with various hydraulic fluids and the ability to be used with both fixed and variable-speed drives. Its extended lifespan makes it a reliable solution for many applications. And, thanks to our well-stocked inventory, we ensure quick responses and timely deliveries to customer requests.

The QXEH series is available with single and double pump configurations. The use of precision-made internal components (e.g., the pinion shaft made in a single piece) allows for extremely low pulsation and flow values even at low speeds.

These pumps guarantee maximum reliability and high performance in highly dynamic variable speed applications and even in reversible operation.

The QXEHX series is, in fact, an evolution of the QXEH, developed specifically for use with variable speed drives up to 6050 rpm.

Hydrodynamic lubrication has been improved compared to the previous version, significantly increasing the pump's operational reliability.

This series is characterized by resistance to cavitation, even with critical fluids, and has a long lifecycle even with cyclic loads. Built with very durable materials, it is suitable for use in challenging environments and with various types of fluids.


The QXM series represents a sophisticated evolution of the QX pumps, versatile enough to operate as both a pump and a motor (2 and 4 quadrants). Their symmetrical structure makes them ideal for multidirectional operation, finding their place in a wide variety of hydraulic applications, both in industrial and mobile settings.

The QXM series easily handles pressures up to 400 bar in both open and closed circuits, maintaining noise emissions below 75 dB(A). Additionally, it is compatible with various hydraulic fluids and adapts perfectly to both fixed and variable speed drives.

On the other hand, the QXEM series is suitable for operation in medium-pressure circuits up to 250 bar.


  • Noise levels <75 dB(A)
  • Suitable for both fixed and variable-speed applications
  • Low pressure and flow pulsations
  • Shaft available in cylindrical and splined versions
  • SAE flanges
  • Pumps can be combined (single or multiple suction)


  • Long operational life
  • Maximum quietness
  • Volumetric efficiency
  • Wide range of usable fluids
  • Maximum reliability, even in reverse
  • Suitable for energy-saving applications

Alternative to:

  • Eckerle EIPH and EIPC series
  • Hydraut HG series
  • Voith IPH, IPV, IPC and IPVP series
  • Rexroth PGH series

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